Baby Nappy M 6-11Kg 36 Pcs


1.       Trusted by Mothers.2.        Superior cotton.3.       3D circular waistline adapts to the baby’..

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1.       Trusted by Mothers.

2.        Superior cotton.

3.       3D circular waistline adapts to the baby’s movement

4.       Wider Waistline for absolute comfort.

5.       Zero Leakage for feeling dry all day.

6.       Breathable material offers easy airflow.

7.       Stretchable Waistband for a comfortable fit.


Care Tips:

1.       Ensure to clean your hands before, to prevent germs from spreading to your baby.

2.       Before changing the diaper clean the stains with warm water and dry paper towel.

3.       This product is non-reusable; please replace the diapers when it is full.


1.       Throw the used diaper into the garbage can.

2.       This product is insoluble in water, avoid flushing it.

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