About Us

Unifrin Multinational Pvt Ltd aims to offer premium hygiene care for the women and babies. Unifrin is manufacturer of napkins and diapers for women and babies using the latest cutting edge technologies and 100% Pure cotton.It is India’s best sanitary napkins which provides 10 times absorption , leakproof protections and skincare. Unifrin uses European hygiene care methods in manufacturing these napkins.

Our Products:
Baby Care:

Diapers: Baby Nappy

Unifrin uses superior cotton which helps in taking care of baby skin and speedy absorption. Unifrin Baby Nappy uses 3D waistline technology which adopts with baby for free movement and smoothness. Unlike other diapers Unifrin Baby Nappy absorbs wetness in seconds and is not bulky, it comes in slim fitness type. It is trusted by Mothers.

Women Care :
Unifrin aims to care and protect the feminie of womanhood and thus provides three different products for women hygiene care.
The Fanssa Sanitary Napkins provides 10 times absorption , leakproof protections and skincare for the women.
The Fanssa Anion Sanitary Napkins provide the most hygienic anion strips which gives freedom from the all the wet feeling. And ensures all day dryness and odour free.
The Fanssa Mint Sanitary Napkins is a Doctor advisable napkin which gives mint fragrance and coolness ,it avoids infection of skin and provides skincare.

More about product :https://msha.ke/unifrin